Why and How to Give Back to the Community

By | August 7, 2018

Why not try to make the world, or at least our community, a better place. There are easy ways to give back to the

Giving back

A time to ponder

community. In the process we have the opportunity help other people, and we will likely help ourselves unintentionally.

The bottom line is that, by giving back we will find ourselves in a win – win situation.

Why should we want to give back

Because we can. We have a talent we can share. Maybe we don’t have a talent to share, but we do have an interest which we would like to share.

Giving back is a great way to turn an interest into a talent. First we develop our interest, then we can share what we have learned. Once again win – win.

We want to give back because we have the time to do it. The number of Baby Boomers in our communities is increasing on a daily basis. What do us boomers have in common? At least some additional time on our hands.

We boomers cannot afford to have too much idle time. We need to stay busy. You see we must stay on the move. That’s because the Grim Reaper is looking at us as targets.

His problem is that he is not a very good shoot, and he can’t hit a moving target. That’s why we boomers have to stay busy. Giving back is a necessity.

We can help people who actually need assistance to accomplish their daily task. Or people who need our help to show them how to help themselves.

Sometimes we have a tenancy to get in our own way when preforming, what used to be a routine task. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone put us back on track. That’s a giving back moment which we may become part of.

People who want to get out of their house once in a while. They may want to do their own shopping, and they have no way to get to the store.

Or the want to go to the movie, where they can utilize their senior discount. The only thing is that the theater is too far away to walk.

These are situations where we can give back to the community.

Maybe we give back because we feel that there is still something we need to accomplish. Or we are lonely ourselves. By giving back we can solve both of those problems.

Giving back opportunities

There are giving back opportunities which are common in, pretty much all communities. There are also giving back

\giving back

Boomers are just looking for a opportunity

opportunities which are peculiar to specific communities. I’ll consider those common opportunities.

There are organizations which are setup to give aid to the needy. The organizations rely on volunteer help to function.

Without being nosy, become aware of people in our neighborhoods, who can use some help. Without too much difficulty we should be able to find, perhaps a single parent who is struggling to care for their family.

Maybe that parent has too many irons in the fire. He or she is working long hours to make ends meet, and there are times when that parent could us some free baby sitting.

Since that person is a neighbor, it shouldn’t be hard to befriend that person, get to know him or her, and offer our assistance.

How about if an elderly neighbor who can no longer care for their yard. We could help them out.

Maybe an elderly neighbor has medical issues, and they have a hard time going to the pharmacy for their medicine. Surely we could either take them to the pharmacy, or pick up the medications for them.

We may be surprised to find out how pleasant these people will become, when we help them out with some of the burdens which they bare.

Most communities are populated with youth. And where there are youth there are sporting activities. These activities require coaches, and I can pretty much guarantee that there is a shortage of coaches.

We don’t even need to be an expert in the activity we want to coach. I’ll explain. Let’s use football as an example. Sure the older the players are, the more they demand a knowledgeable coach.

The younger the player, the more basic is the stuff we coach, and the less the coach needs to know.

I helped coach a flag football team of 7 year old. This was first experience these boys had with any kind of organized football. They didn’t even know how to catch the ball, and only one boy could throw it.

I spent most of my coaching time teaching the boys how to catch, and the concept that “it’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that counts”.

I must have been a pretty good coach because we lost a lot of games, but I never saw my players sad because of their lose. When the season ended they gave me a sweater, which had COACH DARRELL printed on it. I’ll always cherish that sweater.

There are centers in communities where arts and crafts are taught to kids. There is probably some skills which we have, and could be taught to the kids that come to the center.

The kids that come to these centers are generally looking for something to do. If we can do anything which will keep them busy, we will have provided a valued service.

Speaking of service, when we give back, we are also making our own lives better. A win – win situation.

Regarding the retired people who need to supplement their retirement income

It is common these days for boomers approaching retirement age to find that their retirement savings is not going to be adequate. It’s is equally common for retired boomers to come to the same conclusion.

So how do we solve this problem. We’re seasoned pro’s on the game of life, and we know exactly what to do. We don’t retire, and continue to work, or we retire and continue to work. Either way we’re working.

Now that we’ve decided that working is in our immediate future. Sometimes, if we have not retired yet, after we reach retirement age, our employer won’t want us around any longer.

If we find ourselves in this situation, or if we have already retired, and decided that we need to get back to work, what kind of work do we intend to do?

We may be tired of doing the same thing we did prior to retirement. So, once again, what kind of work do we intend to do.

How about supplementing our retirement income by work from our homes on the internet. That is entirely possible to do. It may not be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

The work I’m talking about is called Affiliate Marketing, and it’s done entirely online. An Affiliate Marketer is a person who markets a product or service online.

The owner of this product or service needs help marketing his product or service, and is willing to pay a commission to the person who helps with the sell of his product or service.

This is where the hard part comes in. How do we market stuff online. This also the easy part. There is a platform online which teach people just like us, how to Affiliate Market, online like a seasoned pro.

I know this because I utilize this platform, which is called WEALTHY AFFILIATE. I used Wealthy Affiliate to learn all

a supplemental retirement income

Wealthy Affiliate

the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

I learned the advanced techniques of Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. And I’ve been able to stay current with the latest trends concerning Affiliate Marketing, from Wealthy Affiliate.

If this sounds like something which you might be interested in, here’s a link to my website, where I have dedicated a page to a review of the Wealthy Affiliate product.


That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve got a babysitting gig I’ve got to get to. Grandchildren. I do want to hear from you if you have anything to add, or if you disagree with any of my thoughts. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You

Darrell Dickinson



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