Turnkey Internet Profits Review – Does This Thing Really Work

By | July 19, 2017


Turnkey Internet Profits by Ewen Chia, may I give my opinion whether this thing will really work. I am approaching this review a little differently than I usually do. Normally I examine the product or service in detail, and list the Pro’s and Con’s of the product. In this case I’ll be discussing the track record of the owner of this product. So let’s get acquainted with the Turnkey Internet Profits product.

Turnkey Internet Profits Product Overview

Name: Turnkey Internet Profits

Owner: Ewen Chia

Website URL: turnkeyinternetprofits.com

Price: $37.00

What this product is supposed to do.

The Turnkey Internet Profits product is supposed to earn those who utilize it a boatload of money in a short time, with very little effort, by utilizing Affiliate Marketing. Friends that is the number one lie on the internet, I’ll explain why.

Making money online is no different from making money the old-fashioned way. That is work for it. This product is called Turnkey Internet Profits because Ewen Chia makes the claim that all a person has to do to become rich, using this product, is answer a few questions and push a button.

Money is not made that easily online. Further people who make such a claim are justifiably labeled a scammer.

Ewen Chia’s track record

Ewen Chia has been around for a while, and he has introduced a number of products on the internet. And the only person who has made any money from these products has been Ewen Chia.

Here is a list products which Ewen Chai has introduced online;

  • Autopilot Cash Secrets
  • Autopilot Profits
  • Cash Biz
  • Commission Money Machine
  • Copy Paste Income
  • Internet Success System
  • Super Affiliate Millionaire
  • Traffic Avalanche
  • Traffic Millionaire

Not one of these releases represent a legitimate money making opportunity.

Who is Ewen Chia targeting with this product?

Ewen Chia claims that he interested in helping all the people who are finding it difficult to make money online. Specifically he says he is looking to help those people, who have been trying, for eight years, to make money online, and haven’t been able to make any significant money at all.

You see that, absolutely does not make any sense. Anyone with any internet experience at all, will recognize Ewen Chia’s sales tactics as clear signs of a scam. The target audience that Ewen Chia is going after are the newbies to internet marketing. Those vulnerable people who are haven’t graduated from the internet school of hard knocks. That’s how Ewen Chia has been able to make so much money online. It’s by taking advantage of people who don’t know any better.

Sure signs of a scam

There are sure signs of a scam, and Ewen shows these red flag signs on his sales page for this product. Here is a list of red flag scam alerts;

  • The claim is made that we can make a boatload of money, in a short time, with little effort. Internet marketing has never been that easy, and it never will be that easy. Ewen Chia makes this very claim early in his sales presentation.
  • We only have a very small window to qualify for this opportunity. It’s called exploiting the degree of urgency. I quote from Ewen Chia’s
    Turnkey Review

    Overstating the degree of urgency

    sales page. “That’s the temporary price right now. When we reach capacity, This will all go. All the way back up to $3000. I guarantee that the $37 price, quoted on the sales page, will be good tomorrow, next week, next month, even a year from now.

  • This product is so simple that anyone can do it, without any training. Ewen Chia says that he has designed a product that runs itself. All we have to do is turn on the switch, and the money starts rolling in. If you believe that, then I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona, that I have for sale.
  • Ewen Chia says this product does not involve any up sells. Well Ewen Chia is the king of up sells. In fact I read a review on this product, and it involves three up sells. The price of the up sells is quoted in Euros, and I don’t know what the conversion rate is. The point is that Ewen Chia says, no up sells, there are up sells, and probably expensive.
  • The offer is not made to try out this product for free, then if we like it we can by it. Ewen Chia is never going to do that. He has made his money by selling a scammy product based on the promises made on his sales page, and when people find out that they have been taken, they are too embarrassed to ask for a refund.
  • When we get numerous Email messages about the same product. My Spam Email is full of opportunities from Ewen Chia. Somehow my Email address ended up on his autoresponder, and each day Ewen Chia’s advertisements fill up the spam section of my Email.

Conclusion and rating

I am targeting this review at the new comers to the internet. So you can avoid being taken to the cleaners by the likes of Ewen Chia. You see, you are his target.

Rating the Turnkey Internet Profits product is really a no brainier on my part. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this product a whooping 1.

Now do you want to learn of an online marketing product which actually works

When Ewen Chia shared his experiences in the online marketing business, he stated that for his first five years he didn’t make any money. Then he made a $10 sale, and that lead to him becoming a millionaire.

Will I have not been working online for five years yet, but I have found an opportunity, which will supplement my retirement income, probably for the rest of my life. Now this online business did not put a big wad of money in my pocket right away. Like any other business I’ve had to work at it. I’ve had to learn how to run an online business. My journey has not been an easy one. But that is how it is supposed to be.

When, I first started working online I fell victim to the Ewen Chia scams. But learned to always investigate before I clicked the SIGN ME UP NOW button. During such an investigation, I came across a man giving advice, regarding internet marketing. He said, in order to build a profitable business online, we need to find a product which people are willing to spend money for. This should be a product which we are familiar with, and something we will enjoy promoting.

Also, we need to learn how to promote such a product online. At that point I was ready to give up on this online marketing thing. Since I had no useful product, which I was passionate about, to promote. And new nothing about building an online business.

Then quite by accident I ran into a platform online, which taught how to build an internet business. And I could try it out for free, sort of test

a supplemental retirement income

Wealthy Affiliate

drive. I found out that this platform, called WEALTHY AFFILIATE, truly is an online university for online marketing, or affiliate marketing. And at a flat rate of $47 a month, the price was right.

So I was learning how to build an online business, but I still didn’t have a viable product to market. Then it occurred to me that I could affiliate market the Wealthy Affiliate product. After all I became passionate about the training that I received at Wealthy Affiliate. And that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

What Wealthy Affiliate has to offer

Here is a list of the tools and training, which can be found within the walls of Wealthy Affiliate;

  • Support (Live Chat, Site Support, Q & A)
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Community
  • Training Courses, Step by Step
  • Weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays)
  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (Site Comments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • Site Content Writing Platform
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Get started for free

Here is a link to my website, where I have a Review of the Wealthy Affiliate website. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please take a look see.


That’s all I got for now. I don’t want to be too wordy. These reviews can get boring. I do want to hear from you if you have anything to add, or even if you disagree with any of my thoughts. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You




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