There is a Life After Retirement

By | October 16, 2018

Even with all the challenges we baby boomers have had to face on our journey to retirement. We have found that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And we have found that, there is a Life After Retirement. Even a good life.

The challenge we still have to overcome is, exactly how are we going to pull this life after retirement thing off. This should be the most fulfilling task, which we’ve ever been faced with. At last, we get to think about doing stuff which we’ve always wanted to do, and haven’t had the time. We may actually be able to think outside of the box.

Our Ideal Retirement

The first step towards living the ideal retirement is determining what it is we plan on doing during this ideal retirement. Thisretired man considering his options is similar to going through the Sears catalog, and wanting to buy everything that turns us on. Now we know that we can’t afford that kind of shopping, so we have to limit our desires to what we can actually use.

Allow me to be the Ginny pig. What I really want to do during my retirement is to golf the finest golf courses in the country, during the good weather months, and ski all winter long. Further, when I not golfing, and skiing, I want to be traveling all over the country in my luxurious motor home.

Sounds like a plan. I hope to shout it does. The only problem is, how am I going to finance such a lifestyle? For that matter, how many of us can afford a retirement as costly as the one I’ve described.  Which leads us to the next step.

How realistic are our retirement goals

Maybe, even quite possibly, our retirement goals are not realistic. Usually they are not realistic because we can’t finance them. So what to do now? If financing our retirement is a problem we either have to adjust our retirement goal, or come up with more money.

Let’s discuss adjusting our retirement goals first. Concerning the example of my retirement predicament. Maybe it would be a good idea to forget about the luxurious motor home, and traveling around the country to play golf on the finest golf courses, and ski the best ski resorts.

Why not settle in a place where the climate offers snow in the winter and plenty of sun for golf during the summer.

The usual problem which prevents us from accomplishing our retirement goal is that we don’t have enough money to finance it. The fact of the matter is, we may not have enough money to be able to retire at all.

So, once again what are we going to do when still want to retire? Or, maybe, because of health reasons we are forced to retire. Life after retirement is going to involve us doing something to supplement our retirement income.

Generating additional retirement income

Of course, how well we are prepared for retirement will determine what we have to do to make up our retirement fund shortfall. For the purpose of the post, let us assume that we are at least receiving a Social Security benefit. That means we will probably be looking for some sort of part-time employment.

That said, what type of part-time employment are we looking for. Bear in mind that idea is to work after retirement, and still find enjoyment in our retirement. Hence, achieve a life after retirement.

The first thing we have to do is clarify why we want to retire in the first place. It goes without saying, that we retire because we can. But I’ll bet you a cookie to hole in a donuts, that there are deeper reasons. We could be retiring for health reasons. We can no longer be able to do the work, which we’ve spent our lives doing.

We retire because we are ready for a change. The change may be doing something different, or doing nothing at all. Historically doing nothing at all has not worked well for any retiring generation in the past. We need to stay active, especially in retirement. It seems that the alternative to an active retirement is actively kicking the bucket. Not a good life after retirement.

That said, we know that life after retirement needs to include actively. And for many of us it includes continuing to do some sort of work. If we are going to enjoy our retirement, we need to enjoy the type work we choose, which will supplement our retirement income. That is the recipe for a good life after retirement.

The question of which needs answering is, how do we find that perfect job? Once again, we have to take a close look at ourselves. We have to identify those things which we’ve done in the past, and have hated doing. For me that would include retail sales, and multi level marketing fall into this category, and I would eliminate these types of work from my list.

Now start thinking of stuff we’ve done in the past, which has turned us on. This could include things such as teaching, or consulting work. How about a hubby which we’ve found enjoyable. A hubby which we may turn into a money making opportunity. There is a lifetime of activities for us to reflect upon. Activities which may lead to supplemental retirement income opportunities.

Assuming that, after close examination of our interests, which may lead to potential income earning opportunities. Plus will not hinder our ability to enjoy our retirement. We now have to examine these opportunities to see what we have to do to turn these interests into a supplemental income.

For instance, do we need to get additional training or education? And what is it going to cost to put our plans into action? And can we afford that cost? I guess we may even need to consider if working at this new occupation is going to require a change of address.

All of this may seem to be a bit of a hassle, but we need to remember that very often, doing something which is worthwhile, is usually not easy.

Thinking outside of the box

What if, after examining our entire lives interest and haven’t come up with a workable income building opportunity. I mean itThink outside of the box happens. Probably we’ve spent all of our working years, laboring away at an occupation which we didn’t really enjoy. Further, the stuff we did for fun, we can’t do for money. Believe me, I know the feeling.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t need to any longer find a way to supplement our retirement income. We need to try something different. We need to think outside of the box.

There are opportunities to be found online. However, before I continue, I feel obligated to warn anyone, who is new to the internet, to beware of scammers. It seems that when looking for money making opportunities online, the scammers come out of the woodwork.

So how to avoid scams? I’ll be brief.

  • If it sounds too good to be true it is usually. If anyone tells us that we can make a boat load of money, in a short period, and with very little effort. It’s a scam.
  • If we are told that we need to act right now or we’ll miss out on the opportunity. It is a scam.
  • If someone promotes a product from a luxurious home, where his luxury cars, and boats are parked. All this stuff is rented, and the promoter is a scammer.
  • If the product which is being promoted is free. It’s a scam. Even on the internet, nothing is free.

Now, that said, there are some good, honest opportunities online. Also, there is a relatively easy way to check a product out, which is offered online. To see if the product or service is viable, simply Google the product or service. There we will find reviews on the product or service which we are interested in, and scams are generally exposed.

Marketing opportunities online

There are marketing opportunities online. If we have a product or service which we would like to market online. We can do that at a very low cost. If we need to learn how to market online, that training is available online. Location is never a limiting factor when doing business online.

For example, I do a thing called Affiliate Marketing online. When I got started in the affiliate marketing business, I didn’t know anything about it. And the more I investigated it, the more complex I found it to be. In fact, I was about to try something else because I felt that marketing online was way over my head.

Before I continue, continue I think I should take a moment to explain what affiliate marketing is. That’s for those who never heard of affiliate marketing online.

There are people who have products or services which they would like to have marketed online. The only thing is that these people, for one reason or another have no interest in online marketing.

That’s where an affiliate marketer comes to the rescue, and is willing to market these products or services online. And the affiliate marketer collects a commission when a product or service sales because of the efforts of the affiliate marketer.

So how did I finally learn how to market products online? I came across an online platform called Wealthy Affiliate. For some reason I looked

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate University

past the name, since Wealthy Affiliate sounds kind of scammy. In fact Wealthy Affiliate is anything other than a scam.

I found that for a reasonable cost, and person can learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. Also, like the internet, which is in a constant evaluation of change. Wealthy Affiliate keeps up with the latest trends concerning affiliate marketing.

To make a short story long, if anyone is interested in affiliate marketing as a means to generate additional retirement income.  And is in need of information regarding that online business. I have included this link to my website, where I have a review concerning the Wealthy Affiliate product.


There is a life after retirement. Chances are that our life after retirement will not even closely resemble our life prior to retirement. That could very likely be considered a good thing.

That’s all I got for now. It’s Friday night, and I want to finish this post before Hawaii five-o comes on. I do want to hear from anyone who wants to add to any of my thoughts. Or even if you disagree with how I see things. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You

Darrell Dickinson


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