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By | June 29, 2018

As baby boomers enter into a new phase, which by the way is retirement, it may also be a time that we want to explore different interest. It could be a good time to identify our passions.

Many boomers are making final preparations for retirement, or have already retired and have found to not being as

fulfill your passions

Weee Powder Snow

financially fit as they thought they we’re. Hence, we decide that a working retirement is a likely solution to our financial situation.

What we have to consider is, how long is our retirement going to last. And do we want to, or can we continue doing the same type of work as we have done up in tell this stage in our lives. Or is this the perfect time in our life for identifying our passions and interests.

Identify our passions and interests.

For those boomers who have little trouble in coming up with a list of their passions and interests, I say congratulations, and be sure to make your list long. For the rest of us who have had, for most of our lives, been concentrating on making enough money to keep a roof over our heads, and food on the table. We haven’t had the time for creative thinking, and any thoughts about our passions and interests have been put on hold.

Now that we are retired, or approaching retirement, and we are entering a new stage in our lives, this could be the right time to rekindle those thoughts about what really turns us on.

So I’d like to share some ways to kick start those creative juices, which will identify our passions and interests. But before I start sharing, I have to admit that I have had to do some research in order to come up with these shareable thoughts. For many years I have given no thought to what turns me on.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

At one time, before we got consumed with the necessities of life, we had these wonderful thoughts about what we wanted to do when we grew up. If, we were to remember what our dreams were back in our youth, perhaps we may uncover our hidden passions and interests. We must remember that at this point we are just trying to come up with some ideas. If by reflecting on the dreams of our youth, and an idea comes from that, we are ahead in the game.

For example when I was twenty-something, I was a part-time ski bum. The only reason I wasn’t a full time ski bum is because I had to make a living, and ski bums weren’t then and aren’t now making very much for their efforts. Nonetheless less I desired to be able to ski every day, and get paid for it.

Next try thinking about what we would like to be doing if money was not a factor. We should be able to come up with some pretty fascinating passions and interests if we weren’t concerned about how much it would cost to fulfill these passions, or thinking about how much money these passions would put in our pockets.

Now back to the ski bum example. I wanted to work full time in the ski industry and money is no object. Remember I’m

What turns you on

Manage a Ski Resort
Could be a Dream come true

just nurturing a idea. What would I like to be doing? How about the manager of a ski resort. Or the owner of a ski school. Even the owner of a ski equipment store. Sounds like a good list to me, since all of these options may allow me to ski every day.

Now try thinking about what it is that you enjoy doing the most when you are not working. What is it that we do that seems to make time fly by. Stuff we do that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. Things which we can do in our retirement, and we will enjoy every minute we are doing it. Things which we can do which will make us a joy for our loved ones to be with us.

Back to the ski bum analogy. What in the ski industry would make me the happiest. What could I do which, when I finish doing it, would make me a blessing to be around. Well being responsible for the operation of a ski resort could turn out to be a big headache. The same is true if I owned a ski equipment store. How owning a ski school could just be the cat’s meow.

Think about things that you do well. That is things that you do well and that you enjoy doing. If your present job fills the bill in that regard, then do what it takes to continue doing it.

Most people are not in that situation however. We do what we do on the job because, if we don’t we won’t be on the job any longer.

Our passion and interest will be a hick of a lot easier to pursue if we are already skilled at what we want to be doing.

Once again, I know nothing about ski resort management. So to fulfill a goal of becoming a ski resort manager would entail a huge learning curve, and then there is no guarantee that I would be good at it.

I have sold ski equipment in the paste, and my sales skills were mediocre at best. That takes me back to the ski school passion. After all, I taught my oldest son to ski. He wasn’t listening so good when I was teaching him how to stop, or get of the lift.

Above all be flexible when picking a passion or interest to pursue. We may very well pursue a passion, and then find something else that turns us on, even more. It’s like when a college freshman picks a major course of study. Then chances are that before that freshman graduates, he or she will change their major 2, 3, or more times. The same things can happen to us, when pursuing our passions.

Find out what it takes to develop a passion or interest.

This is where we start weeding out the good ideas from the bad ideas. This is where we can decide if this idea is really something we should pursue. We need to figure out if we have the skills to develop the idea. If, we have the money required to turn this idea into a reality. Or if additional training or education is going to be required.  If that sounds like a daunting task? Well it is, but there is a helping hand out there to give us the guidance we need. Now is the time when we may very likely need help from a career counselor.

A qualified career counselor can answer all the above questions, and questions which we are not aware of. Stuff like problems which we are likely to encounter while developing our passion into a money making occupation.

A career counselor can take a look at our skill level, and determine if we need further education, where to get it, and how to find out how much it is going to cost.
In short a career counselor can advise us in all the areas where we need help.

There are other sources of help. We can Google something like “how to be a X”. Or for my example, I would Google “how

passions and interest

Ski equipment sales is a big business

to be a ski resort manager”. I just Googled “how to become a ski resort manager”, and found plenty of information on that subject. Wish there was such a thing as Google when I was younger.

We can also find forums on the internet, which target almost any field of interest. I Googled a “ski resort management form”, and even more pertinent information come up. The good thing about participating in a forum is that you can communicate with the members of the forum.

There may be an advantage in finding someone who is developing the same passion as us. The advantage is that two heads are better than one. Two of you can solve problems faster, even foresee the likelihood of a problem and avoid the potential problem all together. Also a partner can share the cost incurred in the development of a passion.

Care must be taken in picking the right person as a partner. Trying to work with the wrong person can be a nightmare, and smash the hopes of developing our passion.

Lastly, don’t let development of your passion put you in a debt situation that you cannot recover from.


This post has targeted us boomers who have decided that, regardless of when we retire, regardless of the reason why we are retiring, we are going to have to work after we retire. As you probably know by now, it’s targeted too those of us boomers who don’t want to work at the same job as we did before retirement. The idea is that we want to enjoy our retirement years.

Confucius said the following. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

That’s our goal, I hope that this post has provided a plan for achieving that goal.

Well that’s all that I’ve got for now. I should go back to those pages on Google, and find out how to become a ski resort manager. I do want to hear from you if you have any thoughts of your own to add to this post. Also if you disagree with any of my thoughts. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You

Darrell Dickinson




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