How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Nich

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How to find the most profitable affiliate niche. That is the first thing an affiliate marketer has to do.  This is what it all boils down to.  No viable niche market, no affiliate marketing success

What is a Niche

A niche is the subject of your business.  You’re niche my pertain to golf, or health and fitness, or online dating, for example.  Pretty much anything that paints your wagon can can be your niche.

It would be nice, however, that your niche meets two requirements.

  • Your niche is something you are already interested in.  Something you like.
  • Your niche should be something you a familiar with.  Since you pretty much have to become an authority about your niche, it will be a good thing to already have some knowledge about it.

How to find a targeted Niche

a supplemental retirement income

Wealthy Affiliate

Establishing a targeted niche is covered in precise detail inside of the Wealthy Affiliate website. But because all that information is free, I wil disclose it here.

I have a website based on golf equipment.  But golf equipment is a very broad subject, and is highly competitive.  The idea is to get a more targeted niche.  So lets dig deeper into the golf equipment niche, and come up with golf clubs.  Now that narrows things down a bit, but we can get deeper by looking at types of golf clubs.  How about wedges.

Next lets see if golf wedges would be a good niche or not.  This is just too easy. Inside Wealthy Affiliate there is nifty keyword tool.  So since all this is free let’s use it.  Plug golf wedges into the keyword tool, hit search button and it kicks out a bunch of keyword.

From that list we pull out the keywords the have high traffic and low competition.  The resulting keywords are:

  • golf wedges
  • cleveland wedges
  • callaway wedges
  • ping wedges
  • wedge golf clubs

That’s just to name a few.  There is also a method for retrieving keywords, called “alphabet soup”, which is also covered inside Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also use the keyword tool to come up with a good domain name, when the time comes.

The idea is to eventually come up with the Ultimate Niche, but what is the ultimate niche?  Check out this tidbit of information to answer that question.

Speaking of Domain Names, how about Hosting

a supplemental retirement income

Keeps getting easier & easier

Wealthy Affiliate offers two free website.  No one has mentioned that for these websites to be functional they need to be hosted.  Have I mentioned that hosting for those two websites is free also?  Can not beat that with a stick.


To sum things up.  Simply by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate you will be taught everything you need to know to develop a productive niche, build a keyword list, come up with domain name, build two fully functional websites,and get hosting.  All this and you haven’t spent a penny.

All you have to do to get more detailed information is click on Wealthy Affiliate right here.

If you have any questions, or assistance, I’ll be happy to help. Just leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Nich

  1. Sandi

    Hi, I just found you via Google+ and thought I’d check out your site. Lo and behold, you’re a WA person. I love WA. Just a couple of things I noticed on your page – You should change SUITE to SUIT, this is the correct spelling. Also I think you would benefit from removing the META widget from your sidebar – no-one uses it. And also add some categories using the widget in your sidebar.

    1. darrell dickinson Post author

      Hi Sandi. Thank you for taking the time to read and make this thoughtful comment concerning this post. This post is an experiment. I’m trying to get individual pages from my website listed on google. So far that has not worked out well for me. Thanks for the good advice. I will correct the spelling error, and look into the widget issues.


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