BinBot Pro Review – To Scam or Not To Scam

By | December 22, 2017

Binary options trading has, in the past, gotten a bad rap.  That’s because we haven’t know if the intent of product creator was to scam or not to scam.  Now I’d like to take a look at BinBot Pro, and answer the question.  Is it a scam or not.  So why not stop beating around the bush. Instead provide some good information about the BinBot Pro product.

Product Overview

Product name: BinBot Pro

supplemental retirement income

BinBot Pro


Cost: $250.00 (min)

Owner: Not available

Purpose of this product

Before I state the purpose of this product, please allow me a moment to explain what binary option trading is.  Binary option trading involves predicting the activity of currency pairs.  The currency pair include the EURUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, and USDGBP.  The traders task is to predict whether a asset will increase or decrease in value over a specific period of time.  If we predict that a asset will increase in value over a specific period, and that is what happens, we make money.  If the asset loses money during that period, we will lose our investment. The same is true if we predict that a asset will loss money, and it does just that, we make money.  Where as the asset, instead increases in value, we will lose our investment.

The purpose of BinBot Pro is to automatically predict the activity of a asset, and place trades which will make us money. BinBot Pro utilizes multiple indicators to estimate the future activity of any particular asset.  BinBot Pro is a robot in the sense that it places trades automatically, and within the parameters which the trader has set.  BinBot Pro further claims that their predictions of asset activity is accurate 90% of the time.

Pros and Cons


  • BinBot Pro utilizes only two brokers.  These brokers are BinaryMate, and Finpari.  These brokers are made known before anyone decides to do business with BinBot Pro.  Many binary option traders prefer not to be as transparent.
  • The BinBot Pro platform can be customized to best suit the needs of it’s traders.
  • BinBot Pro has five years experience and more than 5,000,000 active traders.  A good track record.
  • BinBot Pro does not exaggerate the profits which can be gained by trading with them.  Some trading platforms claim to being able to make their traders $1000’s in a single day.  That just not possible when trading binary options.
  • A BinBot Pro account is easy to set up.  We need only to select a broker, and choose the type of trading robot that is best suited for us.  Then deposit $250 minimum to finance our trading activities.  After that, all that is left to do is kickback and see how much money this thing will make us.
  • BinBot Pro is accepted to trade inside the United States.
  • If we find that we don’t like the robots, which are available, and we have the capability of creating our own robot.  BinBot Pro will allow us to do just that.
  • Minimum investment per trade is $1.00.
  • Don’t have to download anything.  All trading activity is done through the BinBot Pro website.


  • I cannot find anywhere the name of the human being who is the creator, or owner of BinBot Pro.  That is hard for me to get my head around.  Even the most hard core scams on the internet have a published owner.  For me this could be a game changer.
  • If BinBot Pro can do everything it says it can, and on automatic pilot.  What will happen if the owner, whoever that is, decides the he has made enough money, and chooses to close his website.  Since we have not had to be involved in the nuts and bolts of this binary option trading thing, we will be left without a clue as to how to continue trading and making money as we did in the past.

Help and support

In the past, two things that scam binary option trading platforms had in common was lack support, and slow payment. Soon after a person establishs an account with BinBot Pro, that person is assigned to a dedicated account manager to field any problems we may have.  We seem to always have a problem with something.  At least I do.

Secondly it only takes a few days after we have requested payment, to receive it.

How BinBot Pro is able to make us money.

BinBot Pro, first takes a look at historical data, plus multiple indicators to determine what a asset is going to do in real time, and to determine the best entry point.  That is the system which allows BinBot Pro to achieve a 90% success rate.


I am concerned that we do not know the name of the person who is behind this product.  If this product is so good, why is no one willing to own up to the ownership of it.  That said I don’t believe that BinBot Pro is a scam.  But I have to say BUYER BEWARE.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate BinBot Pro as a 5, and that’s low because of the owner accountability issue.

Okay my friends, that’s all I got for now.  Besides it’s getting close to Christmas.  I hope that this review has been informative.  I would like to hear from you if you have anything to add, or if you disagree with any of my thoughts.  You can leave your comments below.

Thank You



2 thoughts on “BinBot Pro Review – To Scam or Not To Scam

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    1. darrell dickinson Post author

      Thank you for your comment. The only reason I approved this comment to appear on this post is it proves a point. For years I have warned people that when someone offers to make them a lot of money over a short period, with little effort, the offer is usually a scam. And sure enough here is such an offer.


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