Baby Boomer Retirement – A Opportunity For Change

By | September 8, 2018


When we retire, it is helpful to put retirement in its proper perspective, which is an opportunity for change.

Sure, there are those of us who really do love what it is that we do for a living, prior to retirement. Those people will probably delay their retirement, until they can no longer work. Then they will have the opportunity to change if they choose to.

Unfortunately most of us can’t say that. Further we may not be in a favorable financial position to retire to the lifestyle, which we hoped for.

The last thing we want to do is retire, and make a bad situation worse. Hence, retirement is an opportunity for change. The key is to make the change seamless manner.

Getting started

The first thing we have to do is answer the question, Why change in the first place? Everyone has their own reasons for

wanting to switch horses. Please allow me to add my thoughts.

Boomers realize that, sooner or later they are going to have to retire. They also find that retirement is an excellent time to

attention boomer just do it

The excitement of making changes

get out of the workplace rot which we are in.

Another thing that boomers become aware of is that, whether we retire at 65, or delay our retirement until 70, we will still not be prepared financially. What with our increasing life span, inflation, and the rising cost of health care. We may never be in the sweet spot financially, whenever we decide to actually retire.

Second, we need to identify our passions, and see if these passions could turn into an enjoyable money making concern during our retirement years. Chances are that we don’t have to earn as much money during retirement. That’s because we should have a certain amount of money available to us, which we receive on a monthly basis. What we’re trying to do is supplement our retirement income.

Our goal, concerning a post retirement occupation, is that it provides us with enough money to ensure that we can achieve the retirement lifestyle, which we desire, and that we enjoy what we’re doing to earn that additional money.

With that in mind, we need to decide how we want to change. It’s important that we don’t choose a particular occupation only because the money is right, and we may have to put up with the same stuff which was driving us crazy when we were employed prior to retirement. If we are going to change, let us make sure that we change into a better situation.

We can even look at the aspects of our pre retirement occupation, which we truly enjoyed, and incorporate those pleasant activities into our post retirement interests. We have the luxury of being flexible. With the proper planning we can tailor make a supplemental retirement income opportunity, which closely suites into our retirement goals.

Third, now that we have decided upon a post retirement occupation, we need to take a close look at the opportunity

Boomer interest

Be confidence with your decisions

which we feel is the perfect fit, and honestly ask what it is going to take to make this plan become a reality.

What’s it going to cost to get our new, and exciting, post retirement occupation up and running. Do we have the skills necessary to set up this new opportunity, and to sustain it, or do we require some education. Bear in mind that, lack of money, or proper education need not be a deal breaker.

Perhaps we not only want to change occupation during retirement we also need a location change as well. That’s great, retirement is a excellent time to find new digs. The question is how do we want to live. Boomers generally choose between two options. One is to live independently, which of course probably means that nothing about our living arrangement really changes.

The other option is moving into a retirement community. Since there are different types of retirement communities, we have to decide which type is best suited for our needs. I have written a post regarding retirement communities, and it discusses the difference between the types of retirement communities. Here is a link to that post.

Examples of post retirement work

There are still the typical post retirement positions available. You know, like greeting people as they walk into the local Walmart store. Generally the pay for that job is not all that good, and we need to have a special love for people to find that type of work enjoyable.

Also, there are jobs available for retirees, working in the retail sector. I’ve tried retail work, and it requires long hours and may not be that rewarding. Working online may be something which boomers should check out.

One online opportunity is called the Gig Economy. This involves temporary contract work, and can be done from our

retirement income opportunities

See what opportunities are hiding online

homes. It has become advantages for companies’ to enlist the help of contract workers to complete projects, or studies, which the company does not have to talent on board to take care off.

There is a wide variety of Gig Economy work available. That’that is a good thing, since a person with the right skills, can pick the work that he/she desires to do. The companies’ which are enlisting contract workers, are looking for experts in the companies’ product type.

Therefore, there has to be a match between what a company is looking to contract out, and the skill level of the person who desires to feel the position. Hence, for a person seeking to take advantage of the Gig Economy, that person has to be an expert at something.

There are opportunities available online for those who are interested in marketing products, or services. The advantage to setting up an online marketing operation, is that an online marketing business can be set up for pretty much nothing.

So if a soon to be retired, or already retired person has hobby, a product, or service which he/she wants to sell online, he/she can set up a marketing campaign for little or no cost. Note that the product or service has to be something that other people are willing to spend money for.

Is it necessary to have a product or service of our own in order to be an online marketer? It helps but it is not necessary. Fact is that many people who want to be online marketers, don’t have a product or service of their own to market. What is important is that a perspective online marketer learn how to market goods and services online.

Fortunately we can learn the principles of online marketing online. That only makes sense doesn’t it. Just Google online marketing courses, and find pages of sources for online marketing instructions.


It’that is a given that when we retire, things are going to change. It’s important that we stay in control of these change. so that, the changes lead to an enjoyable retirement.

That’s all I got for now. It’s Friday and time for TGIF. I do want to hear from you if you have anything to add to my thoughts. Or if you disagree with anything I’ve said. You can leave you comments below.

Thank You



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