Baby Boomer Interests – What Turns Them On

By | February 2, 2018

What Baby Boomers were interested in, for the most of our lives was a subject that nobody really cared about. Nobody even cared that there was so many of us. We just went about our business just like all the generations that preceded us has done.

Then we started retiring and we became famous. Or have we become another problems which the government has to

Boomer interest

Boomers have confidence in themselves

deal with. The reality of the baby boomer issue is that, for the time being, Baby Boomers are not creating much of an issue at all.

Boomers are just continuing to take care of themselves, for the most part, in the same manner as we have always done.

We will continue to pay our bills, we will continue to put food on the table, and cloths on our backs, just like we have always done.

The difference may lie in the manner in which we pay and provide for ourselves. It is very likely that boomers will find another way to pay the bills. This new way could be entirely different from the manner in which we sustain ourselves in the past. The truth be known, we boomers may not be aware of the finale method that we utilize to provide for ourselves, when we do decide to retire.

I’d like to explain that by comparing how we choose a course of study when we entered college back in 1960 something. How many of us entered college with a goal to graduate with a degree in a certain field of study, only to switch horses, and end changing our entire course of study. And before we finally graduate, if we ever did, to change our goals yet again. Isn’t it true that, that sort of thing happened quite often back then, and still happens today.

I believe that the same thing is happening to boomers today. The interest of human beings change, and boomers are only human. What we think we are going to do during our retirement years, may be quite likely completely different from what we end up doing. To complicate things further, we boomers should live longer than any previous generation. That means we will have more time to change our minds.

The important thing is that we STAY BUSY. That may be the one thing that I may be doing right in my retirement. I’m buser now that I’m retired, as compared to when I was working.

What Boomers are going to do because they have to.

The answer to this should come as no surprise. Boomers are going to continue to work. The only two things that will keep boomers from working is if our health prevents us from working, or if the occupation that we want to continue working at is too strenuous. Our tired muscle can’t handle it.

For the most part boomers are not prepared to retire at age 65. Boomers are not totally to blame for their lack of

Boomer interests

Boomers like everyone else must survive

preparedness. There are those boomers who were doing the right things to be prepared for retirement. But in 2008 a recession came along and as a result, many retirement saving plans were used to put food on the table. Sure the recession ended in 2010, but the recovery for the boomers has been slowed because of lack of confidence in the economy, on the part of the boomers who lost so much of their savings.

Another reason for boomers not being prepared is the fact that it cost more to retire these days. That’s because boomers are expected to live longer. I mean significantly longer. 10 to 15 years longer. Even 20 years longer. That means that the retirement nest egg has to be large enough to sustain us throughout an extended retirement. Couple those two problems with the rising cost of healthcare, and retirement has become very expensive.

So what to do about it. We continue to work. People used to retire at 62, and we still can, but few can afford to. The Social Security retirement age is 65, but as long as we are capable of working, we need to continue. Now the retirement age for many is 70. That is where we can get the maximum benefit from Social Security. Even then we need to be thinking about a supplemental retirement income. There are those boomers who are firm in their belief, that they will work until the day they die.

When we finally retire is when the options hit us. We know we have to continue working, but what type of work are we going to do? What kind of work are we capable of doing?

Ideally boomers are looking to find a work which is fulfilling, and the right location to perform that work. Each boomer has their own employment needs to fill, as well as in a location that turns them on.

What Boomers do because they want to.

All work and no play makes a boomer a boring person. And boomers have been called a lot of things, but for the most part, boring has not been a word used to describe us.

Needless to say, the boomer generation is so large, and our interest are so diverse. I can only describe what turns boomers on in general way. I would be writing until the cows come home if I tried to be specific. So in general terms, here I go.

We boomers have always been active. At the same time we have not always taken the best of care of our bodies. When, we were young many of us drank too much, we smoked too much, and we pushed ourselves too hard. We were the original WEEK END WARRIORS. Some of us still do that.

Now we are aware that all that abuse that we placed upon ourselves, is returning to haunt us. We are not interested in slowing down to a large degree. We are interested in taking better care of our bodies. We still want to stay active, because the grim reaper has a hard time hitting a moving target. We are more likely to be active in moderation however. I can’t imagine doing the same stuff, which I did in my 20 somethings, now that I’ve turned 70. For instance, instead of playing 18 holes of golf in the hot afternoon sun at Kahuku Hi. I’m happy to knock of 9 holes, first thing in the morning, before it gets to hot.

At one time DO IT YOURSELF PROJECTS were a necessity. Now, with all the skills that boomers have developed over

Boomer interest

Back yard mechanic

the years, DIY is an enjoyable pastime. A good way to stay out of the way of our lifelong partner in crime. It’s a good way to keep our hands and our brains working in unison. It’s a good way to keep our cognitive skills sharp. It’s a good way to stay young.

In our retirement years, we boomers have found it to be a good time to see if we can’t turn our passions into something more profitable. We couldn’t do something like that before because we were too busy earning a paycheck. Now, after we realize that we can’t spend our retirement sitting in front of the TV. Just maybe we can join our passion, with skills we’ve acquired, our knew friend the internet, and all the time we have on our hands. And come up with something productive. How many boomers are there out there, who have always wanted to be their own boss?

It can be done, and has been done. For example, Sam Walton founded Walmart when he was 44. His goal was to be bigger than Sears, and Kmart. Hello, Sears is closing stores, and I don’t know if Kmart is still in business. Another example is Charles Flint, who founded IBM at age 61.

In our old age there are boomers who decide it’s time to COME TO JESUS.

boomer interest

Could be time to become acquainted with our maker

I don’t believe that this a characteristic or interest which is exclusive to baby boomers. Older peoples of all generations have had a tendency to get more spiritually involved, as we age.

Where do we stand politically.

Gallup says this. 44% of boomer are favoring the conservative side of issues. While 33% are moderates, and 21% are liberals. Now what does that mean where the pedal meet’s the medal? Most boomers consider the most important issue, which needs to be fixed is Social Security, and Medicare. They care less about the federal deficit. Why do I not find that surprising.


That’s about all I’ve got to say about that. There is much more to be discussed concerning baby boomer interests. But a blog post is a place where food for thought is provided. Not a place where we want to publish all the facts and statistics about any subject. If I were to try to do that, the only fruit full propose I would achieve is put people to sleep.

I do want to hear from you if you have anything to add, or if you disagree with any of my thoughts. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You

Darrell Dickinson



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