Baby Boomer Generation Characteristics – A Generation of Change

By | January 16, 2018


When we think about baby boomer generation characteristics, we have to ask ourselves. What are the characteristics which most baby boomers have in common, or are their any. One thing that most boomers have in common is that we are a generation of change. Technically, we started our mathematics education memorizing our multiplication tables, then graduated hand held calculators, and ultimately becoming proficient with desktop, and laptop computers. I’m presently plucking out this post on a IPad. In a pinch I could do it on smartphone. Speaking of phones, has anyone seen a phone booth lately. So without further ado, I’d like to discuss how we do things have changed.


As I alluded to in the previous paragraph, technology has changed the way we boomers live. For example, back in the early 1980’s ads started


The Boomers new desk

appearing on the television about a thing called “the information highway”. Remember that. As I recall the ad depicted a little girl walking down what appeared to be a lonely highway. And the ad was done in black and white. The only verbiage was something like “are you prepared for the information highway”.

I have to admit that for the longest time I was completely baffled by this advertisement. Then a friend of mine mentioned a technology, which he came across which would enable us to gain control of our TV screens. We would be able to watch the movie of our choice, or play any video game of our choice, any time we wanted. I told him that I wanted some of the same stuff that he was smoking.

Needless to say, the information highway, and the stuff me friend described to me, became the internet. Today just under 80% of boomers are upset if they lose their internet access.

How about “shade tree mechanics”. When I started learning about cars, and the engines that power them. They were pretty simple to work on. All we needed was the place to work, and the tools to use. Engines needed four things to run smoothly. That’s fuel, ignition, air, and a way for these three ingredients to be combined at the proper time. To tune an engine all that was needed was a timing lite, a dwell meter, and a gap gauge.

Engine maintenance and repair was all pretty simple. Today, however, things have definitely changed. Timing lites, and dwell meters are nowhere to be found, unless we are working on an antique car. In their place is a diagnostic apparatus, and a technician capable of operating it. The shade tree mechanic has gone the way of the pet rock, and shall never return again.

Once upon a time, pay phones were a necessity. Pay phones was our only means of communication when we weren’t in our homes. Even their, our landline phones were big and cumbersome. Of course today phones are compact, and ever so much more than just a phone. We not only talk over them, our phones are our mobile contact with the internet. Fact is that almost 50% of boomers totes a smartphone around with them.

Healthcare and safety

Whenever, in the years past, when I was out of work, and going through the classified aids, in an effort to find work. The one area where the

Med tech

technology in Medicine

most employment opportunities was to be found was in healthcare. Now their is a shortage of healthcare professionals. Baby boomers have been a large contributor to the healthcare workforce. Now the baby boomers, who populated the healthcare workforce are retiring. Leaving a hole in such an important industry.

So what to do. It makes sense, if the number of healthcare workers is dwindling, why not decrease number of patients who need treatment. That’s where a form of healthcare tech comes to play.

One of the biggest problems for boomers is falling. These boomers need to be watched, least they fall, and injure themselves. To make matters worse, since it is common for boomers to want to continue living in their homes, and they may be living by themselves.

The last thing many boomers want to do is move into a community where their actions can be monitored. Further where boomers may be prompted to exercise, both physically, and mentally.

How about a tabletop robot which utilizes artificial intelligence to be an electronic companion. Now please don’t get me wrong. Personally I wouldn’t want to be caught dead talking to a table top robot. However this may work for some boomers.

What this device does is keep boomers company. It prompts them to exercise their minds, and bodies. We boomers have to remember to stay active, cause the grim reaper is not good at hitting a moving target.

The trend is the new guidelines be developed for the operation of emergency care facilities. These guidelines focus on the care of the baby boomer generation. Attention is given to common problems which boomers are facing, such as injuries due to falling, as well as the effects of delirium and dementia.


Most members of the Greatest Generation didn’t even entertain the idea of working past the age of 62. For the most part they had, through

boomer tech

Achieve your goals through technology

pension plains, plenty of money to support their retirement. Now the whole retirement experience has changed. Most boomers have no retirement pension plains to fall back on. And individual retirement accounts have proven inadequate. Therefore most boomers are not able to retire at age 65.

Not all boomers can continue working at their job after they reach retirement age. These boomers still need to make a living, or enough money to supplement their retirement. That leaves three choices. Find employment doing the same thing that they did in the past. Start their own business. Or take a job for which we may be overqualified. Let’s discuss the business owner option.

If a boomer has the ability to provide a marketable product or service, perhaps a boomer can turn that product or service into a profitable business opportunity.

Even if we have a winning, money maker, of a product or service. It may cost an arm and a leg to market that product in a brick and mortar location.

These days boomers can accomplish the same thing online, as compared a brick and mortar outlet. And at a significant saving in setup, and operation costs. The trick is to learn to operate in a digital environment versus the pen and paper method. I would think that most boomers already have some computers experience, since most occupations currently utilize computers to run their businesses.


How do we boomers keep ourselves busy? What do we do to make our retirement years enjoyable? The boomer population is so large, and

whatever it takes move on

Keep moving

our interest are so diverse, the best I can do is scratch the surface regarding how boomers recreate.

I think that boomers have three basic objectives when choosing a recreational activity. That’s to exercise our minds, our bodies, and to top stimulate our senses.

We like to keep our minds active by continuing our education. By teaching or consulting. Boomers can set back in the old rocking chair and watch the world go by, as they see on the television screen. Or become better educated, and further share their wisdom with others. From what I see most boomers are leaning in that direction.

Boomers have a wealth of activities to choose from to exercise their bodies. We can go to gyms, play golf, walk, run, hike, or swim. When it comes to exercise, the world is our oyster. The main thing is that we stay physically busy. Like I mentioned earlier. The grim reaper is looking at boomers as targets. He has a hard time hitting a moving target. So keep moving my friend.

What stimulates the boomers senses? The first thing that comes to my mind is music. We boomers have become the old y but goodies generation. We are a contributing factor to the longevity of the Rolling Stones. And I see that The Who are still kicking around. I’m sure these groups have the baby boomer generation to thank for their enduring success.

It seems that the older we get, the more likely we become interested in religion. That’s probably because, in my case anyway, I’ve spent most of my living on the dark side. It’s time time I see the lite. Anyway the older we get, the closer the time when we will be meeting our maker.

Our Diet

For the most of our lives we boomers have been on a see food diet. If we see it, and it looks good we eat it. And that’s okay, if everything we saw was good for us. But it wasn’t always. Now the big thing is organic versus inorganic. Basically boomers are more careful about what we eat, now that we are in our golden years.


That’s about all that I’ve got for now. I could go on but I don’t want to make anyone tired. Here is a link to my website if anyone is interested in looking at it. I do want to hear from you though, if you have any thoughts to add. Or if you disagree with any of my thoughts. You can leave your comments below.

Thank You



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