Baby Boomer Fitness – A Investment For Good Health

By | February 28, 2018

We boomers have been paying close attention to our retirement financial fitness.  And we certainly do need to be

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Activity extends life

concerned about that.  We also need to pay attention to, what I call Baby Boomer Fitness.  That’s physical fitness, and it truly is a good investment in our good health.  What good is it to have a financially secure retirement, if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it.  A secure, enjoyable retirement is achieved by traveling a two lane highway.  One lane manages our financial concerns, while in the other lane, we need to secure our Health and wellness.

Boomer fitness goals

Basically boomer fitness is relatively simple.  Boomer’s want to be able to do everything they did when they were younger. They do realize that they very likely can’t do the things they used to do, for as long as they used to do them. Boomers want to be as good they ever was, maybe for not as long as they used to be able to do it well.

So how do we plan on achieving that degree of fitness. Granted there are some boomers who enter their retirement years, being already fit.  They are the few who have been practicing being fit their entire lives.  Unfortunately those boomers are not the norm.  

The rest of us boomers have been taking pretty much everything our bodies have to offer and not giving very much back. I’ll use myself for a example.  When I was younger, I was the example of a weekend warrior.  During the two days of the weekend, I made up for all the fun stuff that I thought I had missed out on while working five days a week.the

Consequently, for two days I played as hard as I could.  Didn’t get enough rest.  Drank too much, and smoked way too much.  I have to believe that there are a lot of baby boomers who lived the same lifestyle as I did.  Thank goodness that our bodies are resilient.

What kind of exercise program works for boomers

The exercise goals for boomers, for the most part, are pretty simple.

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Keep moving

  • Boomers need to be active.
  • Boomers need to do exercises which will get our heart beating faster.  Not to over do it.
  • Boomers need to do exercises which restore our balance and flexibility.

Now let’s look at these goals individually.

Boomers need to be physically active

Even the simple activity of walking is a excellent exercise for baby boomers.  That’s why golf is such a popular exercise for people our age.  For boomers who don’t get turned on by the game of golf, they should set some time aside each day for walking.

Another activity that works wonders is dancing.  Dancing could be the alternative for boomers who don’t get of on golf. Just last weekend I was in one of our local shopping malls.  I heard country music coming from the center court.  Then I saw a group of older women line dancing in front the stage.  Now I returned to that same mall on Thursday of this past week and those same women were practicing their dancing.  I took a closer look at the way these women were dancing. They had a bounce in theirs steps.  Shoots their whole bodies were moving to the beat of the music.  The point that I’m trying to make here is that these women were getting the exercise they need to stay healthy, and they were enjoying every minute of it.

Boomers need to do exercises that gets our hearts beating faster

It’s okay to do, what I call “activity exercises”.  That’s the exercises I described in the previous section of this post.  But we need to put some physical effort into our fitness routine.  We need to work a little.  We need to do exercises which offers resistance to our actions.

Even when walking, pick route which has some uphill inclines.  A route which alternates uphill and downhill.  That way we get to workout, and get our heart’s beating faster on the uphill of our walk.  Then we can rest while walking downhill. Walking up and down hills is a excellent exercise.

Doing our exercises in the water is another way to get a good work out in short period of time.  The weight of the water offers resistance to our actions.  In fact a consistent resistance.  That makes the time we spend exercising very efficient. Also, if we don’t like sweating, we are not likely going to sweat a lot when exercising in the water.  If we do feel like we are getting too hot, all we have to, to get comfortable, is submerge our head.  Instant AC.

High intensity interval training.  This is exercise system involves alternating periods where we perform exercises which are intense.  They make us work, our hearts are going to beat faster, and we are going to sweat.  These periods of high intensity exercise is followed by equal periods low intensity activity.  This is a very efficient form of exercise.  It is also versatile.  The degree of difficulty can be adjusted to meet the needs of the exerciser.  Information regarding high intensity interval training can be found on the internet, by Googling “high intensity interval training”.

Balance and Flexibility

A major challenge for boomers is maintaining our flexibility and balance.  The consequence of having diminished balance and flexibility is a higher probability of falling, and sustaining the injuries, which result from falling.

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Falling is a particular problem for boomers, since as our skin seems to become thinner.  I can attest to that.  I’m 70, and it’s not uncommon to find bruises or even cuts on my hands on my hands or arms, and I don’t know what I did to deserve them.  Now one may think that nothing is wrong with the durability of my skin.  The problem is that I’m old and my memory isn’t what it used to be.  My memory is fine.  I’ve discussed this thin skin issue with other boomers, and they have the same problem.

Anyway, since we boomers have thinner skin, our bones become more brittle, and our joints become less flexible, we are susceptible to falling, and even serious injury.  That is the curse of being old.  We can do exercises which strengthen our balance, and increase the flexibility of our joints.

Doctors orders

Any time anyone, who has not been physically active for a while, decides to get involved in fitness, they should consult with a Doctor to see if they are fit enough to get fit.  If not, the Doc can recommend the appropriate exercises, for our current degree of fitness.  As we get stronger, we can increase the intensity of our fitness system.  

Always be aware of the rule of thumb when exercising.  That is “If it hurts stop”.  When what we are doing hurts, our body is telling us that we’ve screwed up.  Now we have to see the Doc, to see if we’ve damaged anything.


I feel that the best way for boomers to exercise is for us to hit it in short burst, and the take a short rest period.  Now the rest period does not mean that we can sit back and suck up a cold one.  Instead we should perform an exercise which is minimally exhurting.

Well that’s all I got for now.  Probably I should go exercise or something. I would like to hear from you if you have anything to add, or if you disagree with any of my thoughts.  You can leave your comments below.

Thank you

Darrell Dickinson






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