Baby Boomer Fitness – A Good Habit To Get Into

By | January 6, 2017

The subject of my blogs have been pertaining to establishing a supplemental retirement income for baby boomers.  As I was searching for a subject to share for this

Boomer fitness

Action speaks loader than words

blog, it occurred to me that we can cash in on our pension plans, and individual retirement accounts. Work part time, or full time during our retirement.  Or even start, and build a successful online business.  And it will all be for naught if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it.  That’s why I feel that I ought to share my thoughts concerning baby boomer fitness.

Benefits of Exercise

It has been proven that people who exercise regularly are, in almost all cases, healthy people.  Naturally it follows that boomers who exercise will fall into that healthy and happy category.  

That is important because boomers are supposed to live 15 to 20 years longer than members of the previous generation.  The reason for that increased longevity is not because we are necessarily healthier than members of the Greatest Generation.  And it definitely is not because we are better looking than our parents.  We can thank modern medicine for our extended life span.

Modern medicine has lengthened our lives, but they have not necessarily made our quality of life all that great during those extra years.  That’s where exercise and fitness comes into play.  Fact is, if we are already fit we need to stay that way.  If we are not fit it is important that we concentrate on our fitness. If we do this we are more likely to enjoy all the years of our retirement.

Boomers, because of our age, have become susceptible to certain chronic diseases.  Examples of these diseases are, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and osteoarthritis.  Being fit is a excellent, relatively inexpensive way to counteract the effects of these chronic diseases.  Hence our retirement years will be more enjoyable, and less costly.

As we age our minds may not work as fast as they used to.  Not to mention that our memories may not be as dependable.  These are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.  Exercise can actually fight of the effects of these diseases.  Fitness can even counteract the effects of depression.

The cost of health care is continually increasing.  With every increase in the rate of inflation, the cost of healthcare increases similarly.  Not so long ago it was estimated that the typical boomer couple could have to count on spending $240,000.00 of out of pocket money on healthcare.  Now I see that estimate has gone up to $260,000.00.  There is a good chance that we can avoid a substantial portion of that health care bill if we become fit.

How to become fit

For those of us who have maintained our fitness throughout our lives it is likely that we will continue with our exercise routine.

For boomers such as myself, who has spent a lifetime misusing and abusing my body, we may have to change our lifestyle.

In order to exercise effectively, most of us are in need of some sort of instruction.  We can, of course get this instruction by joining a gym.  Now depending upon the gym, the membership may be expensive.

Another option is to receive our exercise instructions online.  This is a less expensive method of receiving exercise instructions because we don’t have to pay any monthly fees.

The type of exercises we do needs to be something we should consider.  A lot of cardio usually is not a good thing for us boomers.  We can’t handle that any longer. However a little cardio is a good thing.  It’s good exercise for our hearts.  If we are already on a exercise program, and are in reasonably good condition, then jogging should be okay.

boomer fitness

A peaceful productive walk

On the other hand, if we are not used to exercising, walking can be a good way to get our pulse rate elevated.  That’s the reason we need to do some kind of cardio exercise.  We do it to exercise our heart.  Doing water exercises is also a good form of cardio exercises.

As we age our joint flexibility, and our sense of balance seem to deteriorate.  We need to work on this since a prime cause of injury of boomers is their lack of joint flexibility, and diminished sense of balance.  There are exercises which specifically target these problem areas.

We also need to exercise our mental functions.  Fortunately we can do this and not even know that we are exercising.  Because many boomers are not set financially, so we can set back and just let our retirement happen.  We need to participate in our retirement, and we do that naturally by continuing to do some kind of work.  We need to not fear confronting challenges.

Even if we are financially fit for retirement, and continuing to work in order to survive is not a requirement.  We need to find a way to keep the old brain working. Reading is good.  Or even writing a blog on the internet is an excellent challenge.  We have a lifetime worth of valuable information to share.  So why not be generous with our experiences.  Share our thoughts on the internet.

Baby boomer fitness has become a very thriving business.  Gyms throughout the country have seen the market potential of baby boomer fitness increase.  Not to mention websites online which cater to boomer fitness.  Expert information regarding boomer fitness is easy to access.

Now a word of warning.  Before anyone should embark on on a exercise program, we need to be checked out by a physician.  We need to be sure that we can handle the exercises we plan on doing.

Also if while exercising we start to experience any kind of pain, we need to stop immediately, and seek medical attention before continuing.   


Retirement is supposed to be the time of our lives when we should be able to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.  We will be more likely to fulfill that destiny if our health is good.  And we are more likely to be healthy if we are fit.

Our retirement years is the time when we should be traveling to see the things that we have always wanted to see, and never had the chance to see them.

For me, I’m from Utah. I grew up in the mountains.  I skied during the winter, and camped during the summer.  Now I live in Hawaii, and all my grand kids live here also, and they have never seen snow in person.  On the top of my bucket list is for my grand kids to see and play in the snow.  It’s will be hard for me to enjoy the fulfillment of that goal if my health is bad.  Fitness is essential for me to accomplish what I want to do for the remainder of my days.

That is all I got for now.  Have a healthy and happy retirement.  I do want to hear from you if you have anything you’d like to add to this post.  Also if you disagree with any of my thoughts.  You can leave your comments below.

Thank You



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