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By | May 26, 2014


Auto Mass Traffic Generation


Price: $37.00

Owner: Mo Latif

Overall Rank:  50 out of 100



Auto Mass Traffic Generation Product Overview

This product uses software, which is designed to utilize direct linking to generate traffic.  Direct linking allows the user to link directly to the website that the user is affiliated with.

The selling point is that this method  does not require the user to build a website.  Hence creating content, and blogging is not necessary.


  • A website is not required.
  • Don’t have to create content or blog.


  • Lacking in the customer service department.
  • Software could be a lot easier to work with.

Training and tools

  • The quality of the videos is very poor.
  • The quantity of the videos is limited.
  • A lot of reading is required.



After researching other reviews of this product, I found a common opinion about this products support system.  The general review concerning support and service is that it is poor.

Who will this product benefit

This product is definitely not friendly to a beginner in the internet marketing business.  If you have some extensive experience in this business, then you may be able to make this product work.

Pricing breakdown

Base price is $37.00, but this product is loaded with upsells.  If there is anything I hate, it is upsells.

The problem is that, in order to take full advantage of this product one has to purchase the upsells.

My opinion

It’s my opinion that you can do better.  When I take into account the poor video quality, high quantity of required reading, software that’s not easy to work with, and poor support and service, there has to be a better product out there.

There is an alternative

If you are looking for a opportunity which can supplement your income, or become a viable online business, I have a suggestion for you.

If you are interested in building an online affiliate marketing business, may I introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a multifaceted affiliate marketing platform.

For your convenience, here is a review of the Wealthy Affiliate product.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviewreview
Price: $0 starter membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100
Who it’s for: beginner thru accomplished online marketeers.

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

I am a prime example of a online marketer who has tried many different types online marketing plans.  It  is now my opportunity to review a product which I honestly endorse.

If you are looking for a program that is going to make you rich overnight, with a minimum amount of effort, then your looking in the wrong place.

Nobody ever said that success was easy, and if anybody tells you they have come up with a way to succeed at anything without hard work and dedication, then they are being less than truthful with you.

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational source.  At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn everything you need to know to build a online affiliate marketing business.  I have not found any other source for this type of education on the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the most complete, and comprehensive affiliate marketing training course on the market.



  • Get started for $0. You do not have to pay anything to see everything thatWA review Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. After full exposure you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you.
  • Training is easy to understand. The training is complete, continuously being updated, and presented in manner so anyone can understand it.
  • Training is a combination of classroom, video, and tutorial courses. No shortage of video training.  It is said a picture is worth a thousand words.  At Wealthy Affiliate a training video is worth ten thousand words.
  • 1,000’s of helpful community members. A strength of the Wealthy Affiliate program is the Wealthy Affiliate community, which consist of members who are eager to share their knowledge.
  • open for business 24/7. Just what you would expect from a online business.  Open 24  hours a day, and 7 days a week.
  • 2 free fully functional websites. 
  • Free secure hosting.
  • Strict spam free online environment.


  • There are times when it takes a little time to solve the more complicatedAffiliate program problems. There are no problems, related to Affiliate Marketing, which cannot be answered within the halls of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You have to be self motivated.
  • It takes time and effort to complete the training.
  • Success is not guaranteed.  Degree of success is proportional to the amount of effort.

Product Overview

At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to build and maintain a affiliate marketing business.

The Wealthy Affiliate training offers you two different paths to success.

One path is to follow your passion.  If you already know what niche you want to work in.  The Wealthy Affiliate training will teach you how to succeed at working with your passion.

The other pathway to success is for those people who are not really passionate aboutretirement income plan anything except the desire to succeed.  That  pathway involves affiliate marketing the Wealthy Affiliate educational system.  The market for this type of training is huge.  I am concentrating my efforts on the people who are retired, and need to be able to supplement their retirement income.  Needless to say there is a lot of us baby boomers out there who want extra cash.

Who will this product benefit

The Wealthy Affiliate program works for everyone.  It works for the young and the old.  It works for men and women.  It will help the beginner get started, and it benefits the seasoned veteran of the affiliate marketing wars. It does not matter what nationality you are. Wealthy Affiliate will work for you.

The training and Tools inside Wealthy Affiliate

I mentioned earlier the training at Wealthy Affiliate is easy to understand.  It is also current, which is important in this ever changing internet marketing business.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will have available to you:

  • 13+ full interactive classrooms.
  • Live weekly tutorials.
  • Task based courses.
  • Classrooms designed to develop your affiliate marketing skills.
  • Video training.
  • Interactive discussions with those people inside the Wealthy Affiliate community.
  • The training so you can build your own websites.
  • Free website hosting.
  • Access to WordPress, the premier website building platform.
  • With Premium membership you get access to 1400 WordPress themes.
  • Keyword research tool, plus training to maximize the keyword tool.

The Wealthy Affiliate community deserves some attention in this review.  Theincome after retirment members of Wealthy Affiliate are its community.  I am a member of that community. The community members talk with each other, about the training and the business we’re in.  We ask each other questions, and when we know the answers we respond.

To be honest with you, most of the problems I have had, have been are solved by the Wealthy Affiliate community.  The community inside Wealthy Affiliate is an asset that nobody else has to offer.

The Price

Starter Membership $0

Premium Membership $47 per month, or $359 per year.

That’s right, for nothing you can get started, and get access to the following:

  • Live chat.
  • Over 500 training modules.
  • 3 classrooms.
  • Networking.
  • Commenting.
  • 2 free websites.
  • Access to the keyword tool.

What Wealthy Affiliate is offering, no one else will offer.  Nobody else on the internet will show you anything until they get paid. With Wealthy Affiliate you access to the inside for free.  And you have the opportunity to check Wealthy Affiliate out to see if it’s a good fit for you.  If after you have tried it and you do not like it, you can walk away for it, and you have not spent a penny.

A personal Invitation Video

The time has come for me to shut up, and present this Video.  This video is presented by one of the cofounders of Wealthy Affiliate. His name is Kyle, he is a whole lot better spoken than I am.  So Enjoy.

Wealthy Affiliate review


After you start your free membership you will be offered a bonus.  That is if you convert to a premium membership within the first 7 days you will receive a 59% discount on the first months payment.

The Affiliate Program Video Walk Through 

For your convenience, here is a link to walk through of the Wealthy Affiliate Product. 

Summarized Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL:

Owners: Kyle and Carson

My Overall Ranking:  98 out 100 points

If you would like to make any comments about this review, or even get in touch with me, please leave a message in the comment box below.


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