Attention Baby Boomers, How to Not Get Scammed

By | August 21, 2018


Scamming has become a huge business. Online scammer’s, for example, are investing just as much time, effort, and money as legitimate online entrepreneurs invest in their online products or services.

Why Boomers are such good targets

Baby Boomers have become a prime target for scammer’s. Why is that? Because, they are in a transition stage of their lives. They are either preparing for, or are retired.

Many boomers in this stage of life have found that they are on the short end of the stick financially. They would like to live the remember of their lives in the lap of luxury, and they’ve found that they can’t afford it.

Consequently these boomers are looking for a way to make some money, which is needed to make their retirement more

delaying retirement

Baby boomers, their time of transition

enjoyable. The faster and easier they can make this money, the better.

If that is the mindset of these boomers, they might as well hang a sign up, which says “Scammers come and get me”. These boomers are just what the scammer’s are looking for. I know that, because I was in that same situation when I retired.

Boomers have found out that they will probably live longer than their predecessors. Boomers are now expected to live 18 to 19 years after the age of 65.

The longevity issue involves two factors which boomers need to be aware of. The most obvious is, of course, living longer.

But that’s not a big thing, since we’re only talking about living 5 years longer. The real issue which required some attention is our quality of life after for those additional years.

Studies have shown that we boomers are not in the greatest of shape. We have a tendency to being overweight, and being diabetic.

Consequences of these health problems have a tendency to become more pronounced during the last years of our lives.

It’s more important to do what we can to make those additional years of life, quality years.

Rule of thumb

Actually avoiding scams is relatively simple. That’s because most scams operates on the same premise. Scammer’s make the offer in pretty much the same manner.

the scamming of baby boomers

Baby Boomers bewaresame offers in pretty much the same manner.

1st, If the offer is too good to be true, it is usually. 2nd, This product or service can make you a boat load of money in a short period, and with very little effort. And 3rd, they create a sense of urgency. We have to climb on right now or we will lose the opportunity.

The success of a scam depends on the scammer’s ability to make us believe that he is an authority concerning the bogus product or service which he is promoting. The scammer’s do this by creating an image of themselves becoming very rich, and even famous because of the product or service which he is promoting.

This image is not the result of hard work. It is the result money spent to create the illusion of success. Money spent to rent a luxurious house for a couple of hours, so the scammer can claim it as his home. Scammers also rent luxury cars, yachts, even private jets and helicopters, to fortify their illusion of success.

Scammers can spend their own money creating this bogus image because they will easily make all their money back, and more. They make it back from people like you and I. That’s because many of us boomers go online, looking for a way to make some extra money to supplement our retirement income. And we run into a scammer who promises to make us millionaire.

Where Scams Duel

The place where scammer’s are the most active is the internet. That’s where the scam message can distributed to the most people at the least cost.

The key for us is to be able to differentiate a scam from a legitimate offer. That’s important since the best place to find a

the scamming of baby boomers

Online, Scammer’s home base

worthy an opportunity is also online.

So how do we do that? Pay attention to the 3 rules of thumb, which I mentioned earlier. I’ve been writing reviews about products and services for sometime now.

It never fails that a scam makes an offer which is too good to be true. The scam always suggests that we can easily make a lot of money. And if we don’t act immediately, we will lose the opportunity.

When I first started looking for an opportunity to make some money online, I was a keystroke away from being taken in by a scam. And then I got lucky.

I found a post about making money online, written by a guy, who had graduated from the internet school of hard knocks. And he was willing to share his experience.

This is what he said. Money can be made legitimately online. But we have to have a product or service which people need. We also need to be expert regarding that product or service.

Most of us don’t meet these requirements without investing the time and energy to develop a needed product or service. And to become an authority about that product or service.

That’s a qualification which scammer’s don’t have. We can protect ourselves by Googling a product, and see what other people have to say about the product which you are in investigating.

Specific scams

So far I’ve discussed scams in general terms. Now let’s examine some popular scams, and discuss way to identify them.

An IRS scam. Let’s say that we get a phone call from a person who claims be IRS agent. This person says we owe the IRS money, and we need pay up immediately.

The first thing to remember about the IRS is that the real IRS will never contact us over the phone. They always mail their correspondence. So it follows that a real IRS agent will not request immediate payment over the phone.

Bad checks sent through the mail. I was personally exposed to this. Here’s how this scam works. We get a check in the mail, with explanation, this check, which is made payable to us, if we will perform some kind of service, and pay for that service with portion of check we received.

All we have to do is send a portion of the check to cover the administration fee. What is left from the check is ours.

So what’s wrong with this deal? We deposit the check into our bank account, and a couple of days later the check bounces, and bank wants all their money back.

To make matters worse, the bank is holding us responsible for the bad check.

Now let’s insert some numbers into this scam, to demonstrate the true nature of this scam.

We get a check for $2000. The scammer wants us to spend $200 on a bogus service, and send him $300 be to cover the admin cost.

We think we have just made $1500, and haven’t had to do much to earn it.

Then the check bounces and the bank is holding us responsible for the whole thing. And we no longer have $2000, because we spent $500 on services, admin fees, and more for probably having a good time.

Was this offer too good to be true? Yes it was. Would we have made money with little effort? Yes.

Two of the three signs of a scan were there to warn us.

Any attempts to gain immediate payment, or get access to our bank accounts.

We may get contacted by fraudulent debt collectors, or service providers. What these people really want is our money

the scamming of baby boomers

Is the offer too good to be true


Fraudulent debt collectors want us to pay right now or our credit rating is going to go to hell in a hand basket. What they are ultimately after is the passwords to our debit and credit card accounts.

Once they have cleaned out our accounts they disappear, and the debt remains unpaid.

In this case the scammer is praying on our fear on having a bad credit rating. This creates a feeling of urgency. Our defense is to ask the fraudulent debt collector for a statement detailing the nature of the debt.

The scammer is not likely to comply with our request, since that would be to time-consuming. They would rather to look for an easier mark.

Now concerning fraudulent service providers. We may get a message from a scammer, saying that we need the service which he is providing or, for example, our computer will lock up. All we have to do is call the provided phone number, and they can prevent the problem.

So when we call the number a dude, or dudette answers, and we are told that they can provide whatever service it is that they say we cannot live without, but it is going to cost us X amount of dollars.

Once again they are asking for our financial information. Here we go again. The scammer is creating a problem which we don’t have in the first place. Telling us that we will lose a service which we rely upon, and we need pay them right away. See the sure sign of the scam here.

There are many other types of scams. Far too many to cover in detail. We just need to be mindful of the SURE SIGNS OF SCAMS which I have mentioned in this post.

How about a legitimate offer, which is found on line.

One reason why we boomers are such good targets for scammer’s is because we are getting ready to retire, or we have retired, and we discover that our retirement savings probably is not adequate.

I shared a personal story about how I learned the basics about what it takes to make money online. Not long after that I found a learning platform, online, which teaches the concept of Affiliate Marketing.

I had never heard of such a thing. All I knew was that no one was telling me that I could get rich in a hurry. That it was easy And that I couldn’t work at my own speed.

Let me briefly explain what affiliate marketing is. If you already know, please bear with me. There are people, or even


An adventure in Affiliate Marketing

organizations out there that have products/services for sale, but they need help marketing them.

That’s where a affiliate marketer comes in. The affiliate marketer promotes the products/services. And when he makes a sale, he collects his commission.

The upside is that the list of stuff which can be affiliate marketed is huge, and I understand getting bigger. That means we can choose from marketing opportunities which we are truly interested in to market.

The downside is that affiliate marketing is a very complex online business. Once I Googled affiliate marketing, and the complexity of it blew me out of the water.

That’s when I found this learning platform, which taught all aspects of affiliate marketing. I learned how, and continue to learn how to affiliate market from this online platform. Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

The name of the platform is Wealthy Affiliate. If this sounds like something which you might be interested in, I have

included here link to a page on my website, where I’ve reviewed the Wealthy Affiliate product.


Scams are everywhere, and they are all after our money right away, and if they can’t get it right away they generally move on. Don’t get fooled by someone who wants immediate action on our part.

That’s all I got for now. This post is way longer than my usual posts. I hope it wasn’t too long. I do want to hear from you if you have anything to add. Or if you disagree with any of my thoughts.

Thank You

Darrell Dickinson


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