About Me

I am a typical baby boomer. It is my intention to introduce myself to you, and to introduce you to a online business for baby boomers.

Hi, my name is Darrell Dickinson

Brief (very brief) history of my life

I was raised in Ogden Utah.  After graduating from high school, in 1965, I acted like a college student for a year, and thenincome for retirement went in the Army for three years.

When I got out of the Army it was time to get a job.  During the course of my life I’ve had several different occupations.  I’ve worked in sales, worked for manufacturing companies, and had jobs associated with different types of maintenance work.

Now that I’m retired I have the opportunity to work at a completely different occupation.  That is online marketing.  Pacifically affiliate marketing.

What is this Affiliate Marketing thing

There is a bunch of people and companies out there who have products for sale.  Thing is, their thing is not selling stuff.  So they need a affiliate marketer to do the selling.  It’s a good deal for me cause now I can work from home, I’m my own boss, and therefore I work when I want to.

One thing I have to mention about working online.  That is I have to be very careful not to be corrupted by the Scam aspect of the internet.  I refuse to hurt anyone, take advantage of anyone, or mislead anyone while conducting my affiliate marketing business.

Who I represent

a supplemental retirement incomeI am a  Affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a innovative internet business community.  Wealthy Affiliate is not a  outfit offering any mysterious software, or secret loopholes.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to create a successful online business.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can succeed regardless of your background, or experience.

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning community.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to join the Wealthy Affiliate community.  This is where I have been learning the in’s and out’s of the affiliate marketing business.  You can register here to create your FREE starter membership.

Why do I do this?

I’m not going to blow smoke up your skirt.  I’m doing this affiliate marketing thing to make money.  But I’m also doing this because through my association with Wealthy Affiliate, I can help people to achieve their goals.  I can help people live the lifestyle that they desire. You can get more information  by clicking right here.

Feel free to contact me, using the comments section below.

Also you can click here to view my profile.



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ken

    Nice to read more about people in the WA community. I work PT online and love it. I’ve tried a few different options. WA to this point is top notch..

    1. admin

      Hi Ken, Thank you for taking the time look over my site, and to leave this comment. Your right, Wealthy Affiliate is a breath of fresh air in the online marketing business. I believe it’s far to say that we get more than our moneys worth.
      Thanks again for your comment

  2. SGM B.C.

    I’ve seen WA for some time now. I do have an interest in selling online; however, no products on “how to sell online.” I’m a corporate sales trainer for physical products and services about to retire. Have you ever sold anything with your training other than the WA opportunity?
    If so…would you mind sharing the sites so I can see your offerings? This would help me decide whether to buy this training from you or not…

    1. darrell dickinson Post author

      Hi AGM B.C. Thank you for your comment and question, and I’ll be completely honest with the answer. I have not been successful at promoting a product other than Wealthy Affiliate. I have tried to promote products associated for the golf industry, and I tried that twice. The reason for my failure was because I didn’t know what I was doing. This affiliate marketing business is complex, and there is a boat load of information out there. Some good and some bad.

      I got involved with Wealthy Affiliate because I was able to see what it is all about. What is on the inside without spending a penny. No hard sell, or badgering. Just a guided tour of the product, and being able to start the training for free. I honestly suggest, if you are on the fence, then try Wealthy Affiliate and see if it’s a good fit for you. If you like it stick with it. If you don’t like it, no harm, no fail.

  3. John

    As a person who has been with WA for over a year, I can say the training and help is great. I have only spent a little of my time working on the Affiliate Marketing of a product line. Since now I am retired, this will be my work and I will see if I can make any real Money from it. I do get traffic every day from organic sources. The program works, you have to put in an effort and work hard just like any other job.

    1. darrell dickinson

      Hi John
      I am also retired, and Wealthy Affiliate definitely keeps me busy. I am sure that if we treat WA as a profession, it will become one. I think that that key is to never give up.
      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Karen Roff

    In one of your posts, you say the “Silent Generation” is people born from I believe 1928-1942. (The end year is what I am writing about). The Baby Boom generation is always listed as starting in 1946. I was born in 1943. I tend to identify with the Baby Boom generation but really, What am I? A friend born in 1943 says she is not a Baby Boomer and calls herself a “War Baby”. People from the “Silent Generation” are almost as old as my parents. I have nothing in common with them. I dont feel part of that Generation. Am I a Baby Boomer? Some charts say Baby Boomers start earlier. Help. What am I really?

    1. darrell dickinson

      Hi Karen. Thank you for taking the time to share this comment. Being categorized is what happens to us. We most remember categories we are placed in are, at best, general categories, and cookie cutter people fall, without questions, into these categories. At the end of the day, it is up to us, which category fits us. So if you feel like a baby boomer, and you want to be a baby boomer, YOU ARE A BABY BOOMER.
      Thank you again for your comment.


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