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Millennials and Retirement – What Are They Thinking

Millennials and retirement.  Their concerns and how they approach them, differs from the way baby boomers are handling their retirement issues.  While boomers, who are not prepared for retirement, are running out of options.  Millennials still have 30 to 40 years to build that retirement nest egg.  The problem is that, by the time the… Read More »

What Baby Boomers Need to Consider Before They Retire

What baby boomers need to consider before they retire?  For one reason or another, many of us aren’t ready for retirement.  Before we can confidently say we’re ready, there are issues that need to be solved before we can pull the plug on our career occupations.  I’ve broken down these issues into three categories,  financial… Read More »

Overcoming Retirement Fears, and Providing Workable Solutions

Overcoming retirement fears, and providing workable solutions.  I think that many of us needs to face our fears about retirement.  We baby boomers are breaking new ground when it comes to retirement.  Never before have so many of us have reached retirement age in a 17 year  period.  In addition to that, researchers have determined… Read More »