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Baby Boomer Retirement Trends, What Make Us Tick

Baby Boomer statistics and demographics come to us from all over the map. That is understandable since we are talking about the entire population that was born between 1946 and 1964.  We are born into different cultures, different economic environments, and into families who have all kinds of different values and interest.  And yet there… Read More »

Product Launch Review – Facts You Should Know Before You Join

Interesting facts you should know about Product Launch Formula Product: Product Launch Formula Website: Price: $1,927.00 Owner: Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Overview Product Launch Formula (PLF) offers a complete guide to the creation of a internet product launch.  The information provided by this product include details in key areas of launch development.  These… Read More »

Dot Com Secrets X Review – What You Need to Know Before You Join

Will this product supplement your income, or even become a full time endeavor   Name:  Dot Com Secrets X (DCSX) Website: Price:  $47.00 per month + Upsells Owner:  Russell Brunson Product Overview DCSX is an education based platform.  The information shared on the DCSX site is designed to teach it’s members everything they need… Read More »

Baby Boomers Need and Wants

Services that Baby Boomers Need.  Services that twentyeight percent of the population of the United States need. That can either create a boom or a heck of a problem for our economy.  Fact of the matter is that providing these services to we boomers, will produce both boom and problems for the economy. Get the… Read More »

Affilorama Review – What is Good, and What is Bad

Affilorama Review, What is good about this product and what is bad about it. Name: Affilorama Website: Price: $67.00 plus Upsells Owner: Mark Ling Product Overview Affilorama is a good product.  It is a membership site, which trains its members pretty much everything they need to know about Affiliate Marketing.  I have to think… Read More »

Baby Boomers Make Money Online – The Prefect Fit

Baby Boomers and online marketing,  sounds like a marriage created in heaven.  Boomers have been leaving their mark on the American culture ever since we were old enough to leave a worthy mark.  So now we have some time on our hands, and a few bucks in our pockets.  That’s all Baby Boomers need to… Read More »

Pure Leverage MLM Opportunity – Legit or Scam

Pure Leverage Product Review, Is this product a good fit for you. Product Name: Pure Leverage Website: Price: $24.95 Owner: Joel Therien Pure Leverage Product Overview Pure Leverage is a MLM platform.  It is part of GVO, which is an acronym for Global Virtual Opportunities. GVO is also owned by Joel Therien.  Below is… Read More »