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Retirement Income Solutions Through Social Media Marketing

Developing reliable retirement income solutions can be vital to a retired persons ability to enjoy their golden years.  If you are in good shape financially, you probably don’t need to continue reading this post.  If however, you are retired, and strapped for cash, this post may be something that you’ll find interesting. Social Media Marketing… Read More »

Traffic Fortune VVX Review – The Truth, Down and Dirty

Traffic Fortune VVX Website: Price: $#47.00 Owner:  Frank Parker Traffic Fortune VVX, Product Overview The claim is made on the sales page that this product can make you $4000.00 a month.  Also you don’t need a website, a product, or have to pay for traffic.  There should be a red flag showing up already. … Read More »

The Set and Forget System Review – Is it a Plan or a Scam

The Set and Forget System Website: Price:  $37.00 plus upsells Owner: Mark Christianson The Set and Forget System Product Overview The Set and Forget System is advertised to generate traffic.  Because of it’s ability to drive traffic to the customers website, the customer will make $58,000.00 every 2 months. Sounds pretty impressive right. I… Read More »

The Automated Cash Cloud Review – The Whole Truth

The Automated Cash Cloud Website: Price: Free,  $89.70 upsell/6mon for website hosting Owner: Craig Kaye The Automated Cash Cloud Product Overview The sales pitch for The Automated Cash Cloud starts by making the claim that all a person has to do is complete the set up procedure, and within 24 hours that person can… Read More »