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Retirement Income Strategy

If your current retirement funds are not as much as you would like them to be, then you need to rethink your retirement income strategy.  I mean, would it be nice to live comfortably for a change? What will take to be comfortable in your retirement years? For sure being filthy rich would be fine… Read More »

Income after Retirement

It would be nice to not to worry about income after retirement.  There are retired people out there who are living the sweet life, now that they are retired.  I wish I could include myself in that group. Am I a member of the Majority or Minority? Unfortunately I’m not a member of that group.… Read More »

How would you like to publish Quality Web Page Content?

Problem is without quality web page content, the nicest, the most technologically advanced website is worthless.  Why is that?  Because people will not read the website in it’s entirety. What makes content poor. I guess in a nutshell content becomes poor for the following reasons. It’s boring.  If content lacks personality its boring.  Content which… Read More »

Niche Marketing Strategies that work for Affiliate Marketers

What is it that all successful affiliate marketers have in common?  They have developed niche marketing strategies that work for affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketers are small business people.  We cannot, and don’t want to compete with the big guys.  That’s the guys who mass produce, and mass distribute products.  And that’s Okay, because quite often… Read More »

Supplement Retirement Income – The Importance of Backlinks

Developing a Supplemental Retirement Income is a result.  A significant step to that end result is acquiring backlinks. That is of course if you want to supplement your retirement income by being an affiliate marketer.  If you’re not interested in affiliate marketing, then this blog post is not something you’d be interested in. For those… Read More »

Success with Anthony 2.0 Fast Traffic Sniper Review

Name:  Success with Anthony 2.0 Fast Traffic Snipe Website: Price:  $49.00 Owner:  Anthony Morrison Overall Rank:  4 out of 10   Product Overview According to Success with Anthony 2.0, a person, regardless of skill level, can make significant amounts of money over a short period of time. This can be accomplished thru the training… Read More »

Retirement Supplemental Income for Baby Boomers

What is a common concern of many senior baby boomers?  It’s retirement supplemental income.  Baby boomers have reached their golden years, and it’s crowded. We baby boomers have been faced with a special challenge all our lives.  That challenge stems from the fact that there are so many of us.  Now we are retiring, and… Read More »

Baby Boomer Online Opportunity

Attention baby boomers:  Here is your baby boomer online opportunity.  That is if you are looking for a way to supplement your retirement income by developing an online business. Warning Building an online business, like building any business, is not easy.  If anyone tells you that they can show you how to build a online… Read More »

Yobsn Review

Name: YOBSN  (Your Own Branded Social Network) Website: Price:  Free to join as a free member, and From $125.00 to $400.00 as an advertiser. Owner:  Smart Media,  David Martin Yobsn Product Overview Yobsn offers the internet user dynamic free services and products, combined with digital branding and advertising services. Specifically Yobsn offers the following:… Read More »

Baby Boomers Marketing with Social Media

Talk about teaching old dogs new tricks.  The trick has to be baby boomers marketing with social media.  I like to think of myself as a typical baby boomer.  When I was in school, a computer was a device that required a house to contain it.  Now, here I am plinking away on a laptop… Read More »