Monthly Archives: May 2014

Make Your Own Website Free

Is this possible?  Can you truly make your own website free?  Years ago that was not possible, but thank goodness for technology.  You can not only make your own website.  You can do it easily. Step One For website creation to be free and easy you need to join the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Leave your… Read More »

Improve Website Performance

The internet marketing business is constantly in a state of change.  What works today may not be cutting it in six months.  Therefore we have to keep in our minds, ways to improve our website performance. What can go wrong The first  thing we need to do is identify the problem.  To do that we… Read More »

Auto Mass Traffic Generation Review

  Auto Mass Traffic Generation Website: Price: $37.00 Owner: Mo Latif Overall Rank:  50 out of 100   Auto Mass Traffic Generation Product Overview This product uses software, which is designed to utilize direct linking to generate traffic.  Direct linking allows the user to link directly to the website that the user is affiliated… Read More »

The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

If you don’t mind I’d like to briefly show you to a Affiliate Marketing plan that really works. It works because it teaches how to succeed in the affiliate marketing business. Please take the time to watch this short video.  It is presented by one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate – The… Read More »

Social Media Strategy that Works

It’s an understatement that when putting together a affiliate marketing program, we need to have a social media strategy that works.  I mean no social media, no traffic. Get your name, your product, your authority out there. After you get your website up and running, start blogging.  The more you blog the more visible you… Read More »

Hints for Hashtagging

Using hashtags has been a mystery to me.  Therefore, to help myself, and to share with all who are interested, I have come up with a few hints for hashtagging. My Personal History with Hashtags The first time I heard of a hashtag was on a TV commercial.  A car sales woman was mentioning #this,… Read More »

What Makes Online Content Go Viral

Since writing good relevant content is essential to generating traffic, we might as well ask the question, what makes online content go viral?  Might as well set our goals high.   The Importance of SEO has Changed Thank goodness things have changed regarding SEO.  No longer are we writing post which are cluttered with keywords,… Read More »