There is a Life After Retirement

Even with all the challenges we baby boomers have had to face on our journey to retirement. We have found that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And we have found that, there is a Life After Retirement. Even a good life. The challenge we still have to overcome is, exactly… Read More »

Sure Signs of Aging – Growing Old Gracefully

Growing old is not a mystery. The mystery is growing old gracefully. In fact it’s a good thing that our bodies are going to, or are currently showing us sure signs of aging. That way we can get a head start on solving the growing old gracefully issue.. The sure signs of aging are numerous,… Read More »

Baby Boomer Retirement – A Opportunity For Change

  When we retire, it is helpful to put retirement in its proper perspective, which is an opportunity for change. Sure, there are those of us who really do love what it is that we do for a living, prior to retirement. Those people will probably delay their retirement, until they can no longer work.… Read More »

Attention Baby Boomers, How to Not Get Scammed

  Scamming has become a huge business. Online scammer’s, for example, are investing just as much time, effort, and money as legitimate online entrepreneurs invest in their online products or services. Why Boomers are such good targets Baby Boomers have become a prime target for scammer’s. Why is that? Because, they are in a transition… Read More »

Why and How to Give Back to the Community

Why not try to make the world, or at least our community, a better place. There are easy ways to give back to the community. In the process we have the opportunity help other people, and we will likely help ourselves unintentionally. The bottom line is that, by giving back we will find ourselves in… Read More »

Passion Search for Baby Boomers

As baby boomers enter into a new phase, which by the way is retirement, it may also be a time that we want to explore different interest. It could be a good time to identify our passions. Many boomers are making final preparations for retirement, or have already retired and have found to not being… Read More »

Retirement and Financial Security – How to Achieve It

  Retirement and financial security, and how to achieve it. That’s the burning question of the day. It seems that we cannot set through an evening of television watching without seeing several advertisements regarding ways to prepare for our retirement. This also means that since only baby boomers are presently retiring in any significant number, these… Read More »