Baby Boomers – How to Improve Your Retirement

How to improve your retirement.  Boomers fall into one of two categories.  Those who are retired, and those who are going to retire.  Further these two boomer categories can be separated into two sub categories.  That is those who are financially prepared to retire, and those who are not prepared.  Whether we are presently retired… Read More »

Baby Boomer Debt – How To Deal With It

How we boomers deal with our debt is no small kind of decision.  It seems that baby boomers are more likely to be carrying some sort of debt into their retirement years.  In the past that was definitely a big NO, NO.  Nonetheless, one of the reasons boomers are not as prepared for retirement as… Read More »

Baby Boomer Retirement Income – How to Increase It

How to increase our retirement income.  By this time, unfortunately, it’s common knowledge that a good percentage of baby boomers are not prepared for retirement.  Many boomers have said that they don’t intend to retire.  Well that’s not an option, sooner or later we all have hang it up.  We just can’t work forever. The… Read More »

Supplemental Income From Home – What Baby Boomers Need

Supplemental income from home, what most baby boomers need.  Boomers are reaching retirement age at a rate of 10,000 a day.  And most boomers are not prepared to finance their retirement.  For those who have set aside sufficient savings, and a large enough nest egg, to support themselves for the next 25 to 30 years,… Read More »

How Baby Boomers Retire Compared to How Our Parents Did It

How baby boomers retire compared to how our parents did it, is like comparing night to day.  One reason for this is that we boomers came from a different place than our parents did.  Our parents lived through the Great Depression.  Shoot, at one time they didn’t have two nickels to rub together.  Consequently our… Read More »

Personal Fraud Protection – For Baby Boomers

How baby boomers can be protected from fraud.  Isn’t it true that everyone needs to be alert to those people who make their living by relieving us of our money in a fraudulent manner?  Unfortunately being vigilant concerning fraud has become a fact of live.  Also, many times graduating from the School of Hard Knocks… Read More »

Baby Boomer Health Care Issues

As we age, the issues we have concerning health care changes.  When we were younger, all that mattered was our day to day wellness.  When I was younger I thought that I was bullet proof. I was healthy, and I took my good health for granted.  I never gave a thought to health maintenance.  Setting… Read More »

Learn How to Market Online

The learning curve leading to becoming a successful online marketer can be, depending on experience, quite lengthy.  With that in mind I am writing this post with the beginning online marketer in mind.  If you are  experienced with internet marketing, you should already know most of the material that I’ll be presenting in this post.… Read More »