At What Age Are Baby Boomers Retiring

Are Baby Boomer retiring?  Obviously the answer is yes. However not in the same manner that our parents did.  Once upon a time early retirement was a common goal for many people approaching retirement age.  Fact of the matter is a lot of us boomers flirted with the idea of early retirement.  Then reality reared… Read More »

How Baby Boomers will Change Retirement

This is not the same retirement that we watched our parents go through.  The retirement playing field has changed.  We boomers are expected to live longer after we retire.  That means that financing our retirement is going to require having a larger retirement fund.  Whether we decide to retire at age 65, or continue working… Read More »

Baby Boomer Relationship with Technology – Win, Win

Baby boomers have, throughout our lives developed a healthy relationship with technology.  This relationship has been developed through our use of devices such, drive through teller machines, personal computers, cell phones, which evolved into smartphones, and tablets. Over the years baby boomers have found that technology has made our life experiences more easily to share.… Read More »

Baby Boomers Working Part Time After Retirement

For one reason or another many boomers find it necessary to continue working after they retire.  Here’s some reasons why boomers cannot stop working after they retire.  Boomers may have retired before they had planned, they need time to make up for an extended retirement, they need to stay active,  or for whatever reason boomers… Read More »

Baby Boomer Retirement Planning

Once upon a time retirement didn’t require a great deal of planning.  Today, however, the whole retirement ball game has changed.  Where most people had pension plans in force, our employers has phased out pension plans, and made 401 K plans available instead.  If we are lucky we receive matching contributions to our 401 K’s,… Read More »

Prepare for the Emotional Side of Retirement

Now The USA Today stated that 90% of people, who will be retiring shortly, or who have already retired, have not prepared themselves for the emotional side of retirement.  What we are most concerned about is the financial aspects of retirement.  We need to be thinking, and asking ourselves if we can afford to retire.… Read More »

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Baby Boomers

What makes a Affiliate Marketing program a good fit  for us?  Or more importantly, why look at Affiliate Marketing as a viable online business opportunity?  Is it because we need to make some extra money to supplement our retirement income?  Also, like many baby boomers, we don’t have the funds, or abilities available to us… Read More »

Baby Boomers – How to Improve Your Retirement

How to improve your retirement.  Boomers fall into one of two categories.  Those who are retired, and those who are going to retire.  Further these two boomer categories can be separated into two sub categories.  That is those who are financially prepared to retire, and those who are not prepared.  Whether we are presently retired… Read More »

Baby Boomer Debt – How To Deal With It

How we boomers deal with our debt is no small kind of decision.  It seems that baby boomers are more likely to be carrying some sort of debt into their retirement years.  In the past that was definitely a big NO, NO.  Nonetheless, one of the reasons boomers are not as prepared for retirement as… Read More »